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  MSNBC    News Nation    News/Business. Tamron Hall. Tamron Hall provides context and  
   informed perspectives on the stories making headlines. New.  

    November 6, 2012
    11:00 - 11:39am PST  

the president returned to chicago last night after holding an e iowa.hed his first white house bid. >> we know what our fut renow what real change that here what you also knoweasy. >> let caughtgr up o what's happening tcampaign. he's at their r romney gnd then added inthese what's behind thestrategy? >> repinteresting. if you didn't know that governor romney is not a you'd think he football team wit language thrown a romney advisers today. l he didn't want to look back with any regret of the rnor romney we are told, initially the today. paul ryan. an opportunity for as photo op. the one that said as long as we're out there, i insist on going to anotherhb pl can we27 they'll stop in pennsylvania later today. ohio having volunteers at a campaign offices, what they call their victory offices in having chance to try get out vote and motivate some of the people there. we're made a stopwendy's to say i'm like the rest of you ordering a burger without any
cheese. so that's what he's doing. he'll be back here the campaign headquarters and hopes to give an acceptance speech. he's been practicing for writing that speech on plane on his ownaago. >> with everything contentiousrisky.cdonald's. thank you very go white houker in olling place, but his remarks yesterday, there's a pho showed. we showed the lling down the president's as in >> reporter: campaign incredibly nostalgic an for president obama. he ended hisampaign in iowa, the state ethat his advisers have been doing a lot ofaging in a lot of get out the vote"vfy stopping by an obama campaig@ today, mrta to make as many phone calls as theyn feels as though this race rests ons)p turnout. they f÷Ñeel confident about their getomething they've been working on for the past 18 to victory back in 2008. wning coalition included african-amúericans, latinos, as well as young key to about the nt obama and
his campaign are f right now. one of the president election day traditilay a friends and advisers. i'm told that former body man reggie love last week im to set up that will take placeer i later on chicago before the president, his family day. keith boykin nationally syndicated talk show host and msnbc contributor michael skirmonissh and steve dees is back with us. today. i'm not in the mood. everyone is we want to kno. the lady has her heel.h you. with michael here. team romney going into pennsylvania. no one knows it what do you make of this last-minute move? >> i understand it only ifp5 going to io pe i'll be really no gop presidential candidate my gut tells methreeh fiveania. >> mark let me bringin. h michael sery clearly romy islv because they aró#e not not sure about ohio or they are sure that they've
>> an ohio poll don by university ofati came out yesterday. it's the lasthaddent percenta romney, and that's prettyn ' the republicansó; and democrats have excellent get v side to makege on election day with mr little bit of that vote is 's i'm asked about the auto bailout ador the lastk8 hot button issue. gm and it may in the end be the the working white voters in that state are sfil upset with be the cstate. said t fact is the ad is th fiaamhey were going to china for jeep. that's what the ad says and that's accurate. >> that's a different standing by this ad bei chiefs of thesehe coming out say it's notttrue. is because one auto industry inway. 80 of the 88 autit as ocharge.lly accurate but out of>> you have this to lose. this is what the credibility, don't you h it's proven the ad is not true? >> he'sg out to his t auto worker that already standsj did. it was an attempt to rea places in likece an auto base but with social values issue ofs
work for h reaching not converting new voterers. >>in i th as concerned have not o a few tell you, tamron i'mhe'v part of it debate the only person more barack obama is nater at "the new york times." he's either who let the dogs out the wonder kid generation. on the "new york ti election a guy as a the a forecasters in on the and fox news crowd at t and told thetwo different things. >> what about you? you fought for romney to lose the primary in your i silver and everybody else. guy5z coer t week you weren'tur governor romney or at least that's whau told >> if ms cycles and it was about 96% accurate. barack obama wilget elected f finish my point.hat dungence nk -- look at my own i know of several senate diéÑow e republicans are going going to pick up aeat fct. state reidai gieme court justice. elected confide will win pennsylvania always been whetherma or a) it november 17th when all those provisio counted counted. >> it goes back pennsylvania. i want to what since y here's what plouf "morning jpe not gng n going ton they're
in pennsylvania is not confident in their prospects n9 spaghe democrat the th towhat we'r him. ms. during the primary campadign was a ri t seco presidentedibly effective campaign with the ec#xception of his(:lrs inng and they paio and held his positions against the mathematically it's just a question leading in nine+& fe to win he's nowhereea no so in order for roalmost all of le tha ew put today. as the night s, clues indicatest white vot mcceplicating the gave preside w.term i wi8" wh ccording#/ compmiosition of the vote is he end or g watching enight. if obama wins cthe election. if it'so romneyr:$ ll is because the only someil-a effect if yl yo reported in th there's i've t if tonwr 1980. wheth quick fillet more i know the c coro how are you incorporating i>> thet isw' -- you wou m polnswer polls or respond to lls. cases i tookm fac misrepresentwho they were ho.hesurge.thk that's probably thnl oappeneot yourself?th from abortion ate in the last couple of romne m enticed
your peew correct. wh the firstbate. policies and who the >> that's twche big part id why bar feedback oneople were opposed t sayi pro-romneyly >> my aun i was on't a way r like tom. black peopleut seung peop who are broke and a beinglekrektd polls would white tmr t polls either ed ecretary a record to 9 vopost's ve bgyoim@x a 91% chance o winningk: president will win÷ electoral coll atclte, ypoint.'d have a case w board. it if sident obama ayn by the way, was nate last night oncolb the look at rds keebap calmlectiontw moraza. i like that .cpicture. t so much. at's okay. .4t ideas kenal tter car replacement kgl insurance.l year newer. t it at libertj,ñ, uranceouu0j4
o in our's anyup to five buc#q :ik"g<8q cne sidential co qu it's or may notes ring language and take a . ou can ima people are a made up thei otpr if a h saw back things 4.9 millioneady c in hington post" deh dinaron÷7vargg around bó73%. ricans you overall whenke, where hel up the winam o te estit >> that's ue mr .fo i think i havin a population to make sure thal voters and w1 parti and!i jobs the wayresuóc8 t itthe 's share of t winates but it's havection about having that conversatn you're having year after bush ktá indicated the importance fou've digressed, so the conversation might linan la are getting >> i think we did a great
job president bush. in 2004 got astkz several loud minority within thecoanti-immigration reform hurt veil moving pas towards solutions to about values on fa economies and where t we have great electeds. governors in the hispanic.>> ann a small group within the partÑpy, you saw the republican reaction cring some of the aas coming out of texas country by own. how can danny it's on the table ifà numbers are getting smaller. >> that' tonight, and ome i twey share o ned, this o lm th i(6 that.hings >> if govern9yorghwills they?h call it where i'm from a jesus moment limited mo ourup? on more ve? conservative? bat ch. on. the ew voter 'l you anou id)n virginia. after p but firs states where p:0 eye on ouer ]0u it t [ of year.el ♪ ♪ll's. it's amazing w,u.qg+u-um tdicare
prescriptio ♪ ♪one dollar...♪ ♪ons is easy.♪ ly matter.l0-808-j back. re voters have been 30 in ther0w is it go here,/erecinct has9y arerginia beirfax coun county 2009 went more w republican. el in the le t two tonally ing else is worki i this may be something that affects where the th r npresidency.part:” ra additnstitution party, t libertarian you uldofhe vot ii ay endrom one it'didate o pos seeel hanvyoe evote updatelusws@t
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stan.oman the wag7 e sm ho ou v yerhere. ivm all rge washikjerot ld n aboutiot'sgrot disagreed 4 witheshoul self-intpossle. ul feif thedialn' prev thi om to say that congrs th cf/talking a little ory, mem have note ha if you do reas you and getts. we'll see what h edirom forg at 6:0 p eeanwhile, "the cycl quit in am f home value5$s. ris est, b r back. langa+shou dy orbuildingde the deficits responsi and and deci]:as for your voteforwar m bara , been a little stra átwh geicoce ki mayb wh you can find out exactlylyr .weher)on f a majority in the <) would u sÑr al
y.eral shi i y i >> i r>>t. thtánap